Sempang Kang (Simpang) 新邦港

Sempang Kang (variant: Seng Pan Kang, Seng Pang Kang) was sited by Sungei Simpang. A survey published in the Straits Times on 18 May 1855 showed that it was cultivated with gambier, pepper and nutmeg, and had 176 coolies.


Location map (obtained from

Pre-1860 Newspaper reports

Sempang appeared from old newspaper article to be a place well out-to-reach from the authorities, with at least three cases of violence reported in the 1850s.

The Singapore Free Press reported on 27 September 1850 about the case of a plantation owner by the name Cheah Teng Kee who was assaulted, tied up and robbed by a gang of Chinese.
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Two months later, another planter from Choo Chwee Kang (location unknown) was ambushed by a gang hidden in the jungles on his way back from Sempang Kang. (The Singapore Free Press, 15 November 1850)
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The Straits Times recorded on 4 September 1855 the statement of Tey You Leang, a boatman from Sempang Kang who was attacked for no known reason by a small group of Malays while ferrying a man across to Johore. The worst was feared for the passenger Tan Kong Koey.
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